November 23, 2017 • Radio Play

100 Everyday Menaces

I wrote a radio play called 100 Everyday Menaces which won 3rd prize in this years PJ O’Connor Awards. It’s an idea I’ve been working on for quite a while and had been developing as a one man show (which it may still be). It’s effectively a day in the life, Kilkenny set story which kind of functions as a thriller set inside one man’s head. The radio version I wrote was a testing out of material in a way so I was both surprised delighted when it won an award. The plot when synopsised goes as such:

100 Everyday Menaces tells the story of Joe, a man suffering from OCD and anxiety, returning to his home town to see his son. A dark incident from a year earlier threatens to overshadow his arrival as he struggles to stay positive, stay healthy and stay in control.

The subsequent recording process was pretty sweet and RTÉ Drama On One lined up a brilliant cast for the play. Gus McDonagh, Peter Daly, Janet Moran, Eva Bartley, Enda Oates and Aisling O’Neill do all the voice acting. The show was produced by Kevin Reynolds.

You can listen, podcast and download the play from right here.