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October 5, 2014 • devious theatre, Theatre

No Love, Just War


Very excited that my play War Of Attrition is returning this December for a run in Project Arts Centre in Dublin and the Watergate Theatre in Kilkenny.

The play had a successful debut run last year at Dublin Fringe Festival before making its way to Galway Theatre Festival. It received 4 star reviews from Irish Theatre Magazine and The Irish Times as well as garnering a Fringe Awards nomination for Best Female Performer for Roseanna Purcell’s role as Daisy. John Doran and myself are rejoining her in the cast and director Niamh Moroney will be back to crack the whip on us.

As the synopsis for the show goes:

Daisy is an unwitting internet celebrity, the ‘Psycho Chugger’ whose video currently has 178, 234 views on Youtube – it is ruining her life.

Alan, a blogger by the name of Generalissimo Malaise who claims to target the ‘everyday arsehole’, is the one who made it.

And Chris, well he just got caught in the crossfire.

There will be casualties when a nasty game of one-upmanship descends into a relentless war. War Of Attrition is a destructively comic thriller that takes you from parties on the streets of Dublin to the darkest parts of the internet where revolution is brewing.


The show plays The Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny from December 9th-11th and Project Arts Centre, Dublin from December 15th-20th. Tickets for both shows can now be booked online.

I was delighted with the response to the show last year so I’m absolutely delighted to get the opportunity to present the show again. For all info on the show, keep an eye on

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March 9, 2014 • devious theatre

Some Flood


The new Devious Theatre production hits home soil this week. Some Flood is an apocalyptic new comedy written by the talented twosome of John Doran and Kevin Mooney and starring Kevin alongside Eddie Murphy. I’m currently producing the show and I’m having the craic doing so. It’s a sharp, fucked up tale of apocalypse, recycling and survival tactics set entirely on last man left in Ireland’s roof. John and Kevin are making something really special here and it’s as funny as all hell. We previewed the show in Dublin last week at Collaborations and it went down really well, as any show with handsome near naked men cavorting would.

We’re showing it in all its glory in Cleeres Theatre, Kilkenny this week from March 11th to 15th. It starts at 8pm nightly (with lunchtime shows on the 14th and 15th) and you can get tickets online here. I also highly recommend checking out the entire original soundtrack for the show from Moses Moorhouse. Some job.

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January 23, 2014 • devious theatre

Some Flood Rising


The new show from Devious Theatre is John Doran and Kevin Mooney’s apocalyptic new comedy Some Flood.

We’ve just announced it for a work in progress showing at Quarter in Cork on February 1st. It will then be up on its feet for two performances at Collaborations in Smock Alley Theatre on March 5th and 7th. Then we’re heading down to home turf at Cleeres Theatre in Kilkenny for a run from March 11th – 15th.

The show is a darkly comic survival tale about Noah, the last man left in Ireland after a biblical flood wipes out the whole country. It’s looking dangerously topical right now and once people aren’t sick to death of shite weather, hopefully they’ll come see it. The show is going to be performed by Kevin Mooney and Eddie Murphy and directed by John Doran. I’m on producing duties for this one and I’m fierce excited to see Devious Theatre getting more original work by new writers onto the stage.

This teaser poster was designed by Kasia Kaminska and Ken McGuire and they have a main poster a brewing on the horizon which I’m very excited about.

For more on the show, including tickets, head over and check out

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September 26, 2013 • devious theatre

War Out West


We had a blast with War Of Attrition at Dublin Fringe Festival and just finished up the Kilkenny run of things this week. Next step on the war trail is next week when we take the show to the Galway Theatre Festival.

It’s the first time Devious Theatre are taking a show to Galway and it’s one of the biggest boxes we’ve wanted to tick on our ‘doing a show in this town’ list. Absolutely love Galway so it’ll be a real pleasure to perform the show in An Taibhdhearc this Wednesday and Thursday October 2nd and 3rd.

One of my favourite ladies in the world Amy Dunne will also be joining the cast, replacing Roseanna Purcell as Daisy. This is the final run out for the show this year so if you’re in and around the Galway vicinity, come see us.

For more check out

An Taibhdhearc this Wednesday and Thursday October 2nd and 3rd – See more at:
An Taibhdhearc this Wednesday and Thursday October 2nd and 3rd – See more at:

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August 30, 2013 • devious theatre

War Of Attrition


I’ve been working overtime on the first production of my new play War Of Attrition. It opens next week at the Dublin Fringe Festival.

I’m very excited about it, although at this stage I’ve been writing it for so long, I just don’t know what’s what anymore. Like a man with a concussion trying to rehearse a play. Total blitzkrieg on my brain. Niamh Moroney has done an amazing job of turning it into a play and I couldn’t ask for better acting comrades than John Doran and Roseanna Purcell. Anyway, here’s the synopsis of what it’s all about:

Daisy is the unwitting star of a viral video, Psycho Chugger, which currently sits on 178,234 YouTube views. And it’s ruining her life. Alan is the one who made it. A blogger who goes by the name of Generalissimo Malaise, he targets the ‘everyday arsehole’. Chris is a homeless man who just got caught in the crossfire of their feud. Devious Theatre bring their destructive new comedy to the streets of Dublin. There will be casualties.

The aforementioned Psycho Chugger video has been made into a promo for the show and you can watch it right here:

We’ve also made a main promo trailer for the show that shows the interrogation of unreliable narrators, which is a strong aspect of the play. And you can check that one out here.

The show opens next Monday in Players Theatre, Trinity College and runs until September 14th at 8pm nightly. Tickets can be bought from the Festival Box Office in Filmbase on Curve Street or else you can call them on 1850 374 643! Tickets can be purchased online right here.

Tickets can be bought from the Festival Box Office in Filmbase on Curve Street or else you can call them on 1850 374 643! Tickets can be purchased online right here. – See more at:
Tickets can be bought from the Festival Box Office in Filmbase on Curve Street or else you can call them on 1850 374 643! Tickets can be purchased online right here. – See more at:

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July 31, 2013 • devious theatre

Little Deviations: Volume 1


Devious Theatre are presenting a few works in development this week as part of a scratch show called Little Deviations: Volume 1 (‘cos you never know when you might need to do another).

I’ve been producing the show, directing one of them, have worked on two of them as a writer and will be selling tickets so as usual, I’m overdoing it and I’m a mess. But the show has a really talented line up and I’m beyond excited about seeing what they come up with on the night(s). Altogether it’s 6 writers, 5 directors, 16 actors, 5 future plays, 2 nights, 10 Euros, 120 seats and MAXIMUM theatrical fun.

The plays getting the rehearsed reading treatment over the two nights include:

Girls In Africa by John Kennedy. Mary and Sally want to raise money to undertake charity work in Africa. The easy part? Fundraising. The hard part? Surviving Africa. I’m directing the power houses that are Hazel Doyle, Adrian Kavanagh and Aoibhín Murphy.

Tenterhooks is a new full length play based on an old short play I once wrote. Eddie Murphy directs Leah Egan and Jack Nolan in this darkly comic fairytale set in a variety of suicide and accident blackspots.

The Union by Adrian Kavanagh. A comedy about missing money and chronic hangovers in a sweltering hot students union. Alex Christle directs the cast of Alan Doyle, Peter McGann and Colin O’Brien.

The Hellfire Squad by Peter McGann and meself. Michael Collins wants to set up his own personal hit squad to fight the Brits. But this mission needs some real men. Philip Brennan directs the line up of himself, Richie Cody, Stephen Colfer, Ken McGuire, Niall Morrissey and Annette O’Shea.

Some Flood by John Doran and Kevin Mooney. When a Biblical flood wipes out Ireland, one man takes to his roof to survive. This will be performed and directed by the writers themselves.

That’s the line up and it promises to be a cracking two nights of theatrical bric a brac. If you want to see the show, it plays for two nights only on August 2nd and 3rd in Cleeres Theatre, Kilkenny at 8pm nightly. Tickets can be bought at the venue, booked on 056 – 7762573 or else booked online right here. For more details on all of the plays and some words from the respective writers check out the Devious Theatre website.

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March 22, 2013 • devious theatre

Living Dead Revisited

I spent the bulk of my time last year working on the Irish stage premiere of Night Of The Living Dead for Devious Theatre. It had been a few years since we had done a ‘marquee’ play and our own take on Romero’s zombie horror fest was something that we had put into the works back in 2009. Sometimes you just need to do a big crowd pleasing comic horror, y’know? (See also, Cannibal! The Musical in 2007).

During In The Future When All’s Well in 2011, myself and Connie Walsh started writing it and then last year it all came together. Getting to co-write and direct the show was too much fun and the team we put together were fantastic. All in all, it was exactly the big zombie play set I always wanted to fool around with. I would have loved more performance time for the show as I think it could have really clicked but with only 5 nights to play with, we made a bloody glorious mess with what we had. In the end, it is by far the biggest hit show Devious Theatre have ever done and more people came to see it than anything we’ve done before… which was nice.

In the past few weeks, we’ve managed to release some new material from the show. Ken McGuire cut together a really nice look at some of the show highlights which you can see above. Ross Costigan has also released some new photos from the show, including the above photo of myself in cameo zombie mode, and you can check them out here.

For more on the production itself, check out

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November 15, 2012 • devious theatre

De Tempst

Or The Tempest if you like proper spelling and grammar. I’m very lucky and delighted to be making another directing contribution to this years TEXT | Messages in Project Arts Centre. This time I’ll be directing, yup, The Tempest.

TEXT | Messages is a brilliant project that gives directors a chance to take 160 lines of Shakespeare and do whatever you want with them. But the rub is, the lines must be consecutive and there’s no editing. So you need to roll up your sleeves and get nice and inventive! I’ve joined up with my muckers Stephen Colfer, John Doran and Eddie Murphy to come up with the goods on this one and we’ve put together a really nice tale of two drunken bog monsters who get kicked out of a Dublin nightclub and end up getting involved with a scheming native homeless man. So same text, different story. From our Dreamstuff days (which took its name from The Tempest funnily enough) to Devious Theatre’s Shakespeare In Bits battle rap in 2009, myself and the fellows have done an awful lot of Shakespeare tinkering over the years so it’s great to work with them on something new. Like last years version of Pyramus and Thisbe from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, we’ve come up with a similarly twisted take on The Tempest. And of course, we’re playing it for laughs.

We are only on for one night only… TONIGHT! So if you fancy it, you’ll get three ‘messages’ for the princely sum of €5. There are also two other nights, as lovingly curated and produced by Aoife Spillane-Hinks, Conor Hanratty and Megan Riordan so plenty of choice all round! Kick off is 8.15pm in Project Arts Centre and you can get more booking details here!

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October 8, 2012 • devious theatre

War Of Attrition

I’m currently in a very cool and lucky position where I’m doing double duty on two amazing initiatives during Dublin Theatre Festival (a pure waiting for a bus scenario if there ever was one). I’m currently neck deep in The Next Stage programme which has put me on the most intense theatre bootcamp ever over the past week and a half, and there’s still another week to go! Physically, I’m in bits but mentally, I’ve never been more inspired by theatre and have never been more motivated to get better at making it. I will be full of big fat tears when it’s over.

On top of that theatre orgy, I’ve also been on the Play On playwriting initiative with Dublin Theatre Festival since June and I found out last week that my contribution to that is one of the six plays that will receive a rehearsed reading this week. War Of Attrition was a play that myself and Angela Barrett started devising during Devious Theatre’s In The Future When All’s Well residency in 2011 (along with Night Of The Living Dead and John Kennedy’s Phantasm). Originally it was a two hander about a misunderstanding between an average Joe and a street charity worker, but like the story itself, the idea escalated. We developed it further and what we have now is a dark comedy about accountability and the nature of competition in a country where opportunities decrease by the day. Essentially, it’s about young Irish people being pitted against each other. It’s got a similar politics and violence vibe to my last play Scratcher but whereas that was about what it takes to start a revolution this one is a little bit smaller in scale, but hopefully bigger in ideas. As it stands, it’s a long way off being finished but a rehearsed reading this week will definitely help me identify the work I need to do to it. It’s a cool opportunity and one I’m excited about, even though I am fucking terrified about having presented in front of people. If you would like to see the play in its earliest stages, it will get its reading at Play On, this Wednesday October 10th at 1pm in Project Arts Centre. It’s all free but booking is advised… or so I’ve been told. You can grab tickets for it on the Dublin Theatre Festival website and also at their box office on 01 677 8899.

There’s plans in place for Devious Theatre to produce it next year but I’m not throwing the cart before the horse so we’ll see how it goes. This theatre programming lark is getting harder and harder to pin down every year. I’ve now written 6 full length plays and the first three have been produced (Heart Shaped Vinyl, Smitten and Scratcher) and the last three haven’t (this along with Bansheeville and Punctured) so my batting average is down. But the last three have been developed with Barnstorm, Fishamble and now Dublin Theatre Festival respectively so hopefully it will mean that the quality average is up! If not, I need to find something else to do.

Poetry… I hear poetry is good.

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August 24, 2012 • devious theatre

A Ghost Of A Play

Phantasm has just hit Kilkenny for the first of five performances during this years OUT For The Weekend festival.

This is our third run around with John Kennedy’s new play after previously playing Solstice, Cork and Abhainn Ri, Callan throughout the summer. It’s lovely to bring the play back home to Kilkenny, especially to Cleeres Theatre. We return there six years to the week that we opened our very first play Heart Shaped Vinyl in the theatre on August 22nd 2006. It’s all fuzzy and nostalgic being back there after all this time. It’s also the first time I’ve directed a full play there so it’s pretty cool to get to stage one in the place we started.

I wrote a piece about that for the Devious Theatre website earlier this week. Specifically about the new blood that we’ve brought into the troupe in the past 18 months… or Pass Devious as Colin O’Brien likes to call them. Here’s a bit of regurgitation:

What was really strange was looking at the contrast in what we were producing now and yet, how similar it was at the same time. We were looking at the three guys now, specifically John Kennedy (the writer) and Colin O’Brien and Hazel Doyle (our cast). They’re all from Kilkenny, all brought through the same youth theatre mill as us and like us six years ago, here they are in Cleeres Theatre at a young age doing their first original play for an audience in there. Six years ago, Hazel had just done her first play with Dreamstuff Youth Theatre (the first play I ever directed incidentally) and John and Colin were probably out kicking ball like most 12 year old pups during a World Cup summer. In our youthful wisdom, we were shocked when people packed out Heart Shaped Vinyl in 2006. People wanted to see us make our own theatre? Hell, we didn’t even put our own real names on it, such was the fear of landing on our arses (props to Billy Shears and Tony M. Everard by the way). The lads now still have that slight wariness that people won’t be bothered seeing what they’re doing. But they will. Six years on we’ve worked hard to make sure that there is an audience for them. And that audience has been there to see them throughout this summer in Cork, Callan and now, Kilkenny. We’ve toured it, we’ve played to different crowds in unique places, to theatre people and non theatre people, people who just want to see a good teen stoner comedy and people who have no idea what to expect, and it has always gone down well. And now we bring it home.

So yeah, it’s a bit of a home coming in more ways than one. The reception to the opening performance last night was really special. There was a lovely vibe in Cleeres Theatre and we had a packed house and even though the fucking bed broke so what more can you ask for? Well, probably for people to keep on coming to see it. It’s our last play of the year so try and grab it before the final show at 10pm on Saturday!

If you haven’t seen it already, here’s the trailer for the play:

Phantasm runs tonight and tomorrow at 7pm and 10pm. Tickets are €8 and can be bought at Cleeres Theatre, Parliament Street or booked on 056-7762573 or else you can grab them online here.


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