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70’s Nite – A Devious Theatre Fundraiser

We’re having a fun packed night of 70’stastic tunes, fancy dress and dancing down in Cleere’s, Kilkenny this coming Saturday night July 11th. And it’s all in aid of the Devious Theatre.

We usually throw a yearly fundraiser in order to keep a theatre above our heads but last year was the first time we missed out (probably because we were too damn busy) but this year it’s back.

And because of the upcoming Stags and Hens, we’ve gone for a slightly 70’s vibe on this one and eschewed the live acts to concentrate on tunes, tunes and more tunes. T-Rex, Queen, Bowie, The Undertones, Kool and The Gang, Jackson 5, Roxy Music and Kate Bush are amongst the acts we’ll be spinning. There’s prizes for fancy dress and plenty of grub and booze to keep going. Oh, and a discoball. It’s free on the door so come along if you’re in Kilkenny this Saturday night.

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Shakespeare Is Only In Bits

As part of this weekends Shakespeare In The House festival which is taking place in Rothe House, Kilkenny, us folks at Devious Theatre are performing a 45 minute slot entitled Shakespeare In Bits.

With Stags and Hens being full tilt ahead, it wasn’t possible for us to stage a full on Shakespeare production so we decided to do something to complement the fine work that will no doubt be done by the good thespians of Dreamstuff Youth Theatre.

The production is made up of various Shakespeare related sketches (Shakespeare’s editor and a 16th centruy version of the Bale rant with William Shakespeare walking in front of the ‘cantelbras’), some Shakespeare based works (The Reduced Shakespeare Company, Rosencrantz and Guidenstern Are Dead), some devised Shakespeare pieces, some monologues and a whole lot of nice little bridging devices between. It’s going to be a crash course in Shakespeare for the ADD generation.

With a troupe of 7 actors (all well versed in the playing of Shakespeare), this should be a fast paced mish mash of a mixed bag of Shakespeare related hi-jinks. Apart from myself, the actors involved are Scott Barriscale, Stephen Colfer, John Doran, Ken McGuire, Kevin Mooney and Niamh Moroney.

The festival takes place all over the weekend and there’s plenty going on throughout the rather splendid setting of Rothe House for two days. And it’s all entirely free! So do pop along. Bring rotten vegetables if needs be. Just save them for the kids.

We’re on at 3pm on Saturday and 2pm on Sunday.

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Stags and Hens Poster

The 70’s tastic main poster for our upcoming production of Willy Russell’s Stags and Hens has gone online over at

Expertly designed by Mr. Paddy Dunne, it features the titular stag and hen parties of the play in their own little toilet cubicle settings. Which aptly enough is where they spend most of the play anyway! It’s got a lovely, and slightly tacky, 1970’s disco feel which is exactly where the play is coming from. The promotion campaign is currently revving up for July 21st when the play will take to the stage of the Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny until July 25th.

Paddy has written a blog talking us through the poster and it can be read in all it’s glory over here.

The rehearsals are coming along great and there’s also some pretty nifty rehearsal photos over on the site as taken by Messrs McGuire and Galster.

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Stags and Hens

At the weekend we launched the 2009 programme for The Devious Theatre Company with a wee session and meet and greet in The Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny. Kevin Mooney made the announcement that our main production for this year would be a production of Willy Russell’s STAGS AND HENS, which he will be taking the directing reins on.

This is one that I’m really amped up about doing. The play is just an actor’s playground and Kev has put together a really diverse ensemble cast of which I am delighted to be part of.

The play is a very sharp comedy about the social mores of a bunch of working class Liverpudlians in 1978. It all takes place in the ladies and gents bathrooms of a dingy nightclub where both the stag and hen parties of the same wedding have ended up. And from there, things take some very funny, dark and emotional twists and turns along the way. It’s a fantastically well written play, definitely the best we’ve worked on so far. Over the years it has been marred a little by successions of dodgy student productions which tend to play up the booze and debauchery instead of the story and character but we’re intent on keeping the story to the fore. And it’s a damn good story.

Rehearsals started this week. Lots of acting rust to shake off. And the Liverpool accent is a bastard. I sound like one of the Chuckle Brothers at the moment.

All updates on Stags and Hens are going to be hitting the Devious Theatre website as we have ’em.

Also at the launch we announced our involvement in Shakespeare In The House and nicely asked people for funding by launching our ‘Friends Of’ program.

More of which can be found over on the website. I’ll write further about Shakespeare In The House as our programme comes together for it.

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Trainspotting: The Cunt Cut

With all of the scenes for Devious Theatre’s Trainspotting now gone online, there comes the turn of a little extra that we put together for the cast and crew of the production which ran in Kilkenny (nearly this time last year… time certainly flies) in June 2008.

It’s the entire play edited down to its most prominent word: cunt.

Warning: Desensitization will follow.

For more Trainspotting videos, you can check out the Devious Theatre Youtube Page.

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Choose Life / Welcome To Mother Superior’s

Here’s two of our latest Trainspotting clips to go online.

They both form two different parts of the same scene. In the first is Mark Renton’s now iconic ‘Choose Life’ rant which is soon interrupted by a smack craving Sick Boy. The second scene sees the two of them making their way to Mother Superior’s drug den as the horrors of withdrawal kick in. There’s a lot worse horrors to come though…

For more on our production of Trainspotting, we’ve a pretty extensive archive right here.

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