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October 20, 2011 • Hot Water Bottle, mycrofilms

Hot Water Bottle Trailer

Here’s the trailer for our new film Hot Water Bottle.

It’s taken us a long, long time to make it (and we’re still not entirely done yet) but it’s having a preview screening this coming weekend in Dublin at the 2011 Darklight Film Festival. Us film peeps at Mycrofilms are going to be exhibiting some work as part of the New Indie Voices section. We’ll also be screening a few bits and pieces from Vultures. It’s a nice way to introduce our work to a different community of filmmakers.

Hot Water Bottle is the first short film I’ve wrote and directed. I don’t know why it took me so long to get around to making a short, but it did. I’m lining up another one for late next year hopefully. With Mycrofilms, we’ve developed a plan to produce two short films a year for the next 3 years anyway. For 2011, it’s Hot Water Bottle and Baby Love, directed by Terrence White. We’ve lined up our projects for next year and we’re currently looking for funding for them. So this one is the first out of the traps, it’s not too dissimilar to Vultures, as in it’s the same team and same cast behind it. But hey, it’s a film about comfort zones anyway so I guess that’s quite apt.

Hot Water Bottle stars Suzanne O’Brien, David Thompson, Simone Kelly and Peter McGann. It was produced by Alan Slattery and Paddy Dunne. Soundtrack is by Supernova Scotia. It’s an unromantic comedy about comfort zones.

We’re currently shopping it around to various film festivals and hoping that people want to see it.

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Hot Water Bottle

This is the poster for a film I made called Hot Water Bottle.

It was designed by Paddy Dunne, one of the producers on the film. The other producer is Alan Slattery. The three of us also made the webcom Vultures.

It’s the first non Vultures creative project that Mycrofilms have undertaken. The second is Baby Love by Terrence White which is out later this year. Two more short films will go into production for 2012 and they’re probably going to be even better because that’s how these things roll.

We got the funding to shoot Hot Water Bottle in 2009. We started shooting it in 2010. We finished shooting it in 2011. There will be a trailer for it sometime very, very soon. The film itself is currently being sent out to a variety of festivals who may or may not want to show it to people.

I will write more about it in proportion to the amount of content I have to show off.

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Vultures 6 & 7 Title Cards

We’ve just got our hands on the title cards for the upcoming Vultures finale. As is usually the case, Paddy Dunne has done another sterling job in representing the episodes in a fine display of design and fancy lettering.

Our idea for the Attack Of The Pinkertons title card was to go a little Manga on the look. And of course, pink. Which is quite befitting of the storyline in which the Pinkertons finally open shop and start their campaign to take over our little unnamed town. Our remit for this episode was to load up on the action and of course, we’re suckers for Manga so we thought it’d be a nice look for what’s shaping up to be our most violently cartoonish episode.

The title card for The Long Goodbye is a little more noirish and does a good job of evoking the sense that this is the final hooray for Vultures. We went a little 40’s noir on this as the episode itself has plenty of smoky bars, subterfuge, femme fatales and indeed, goodbyes.

Attack Of The Pinkertons goes online on Sunday September 20th.
The Long Goodbye will follow 2 weeks later when it brings all matters to an end on Sunday October 4th.

I’ll be posting a few bits and pieces here in the run up but as usuall, all things Vultures can be found over on

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Stags and Hens Trailer

This is the trailer for our upcoming production of Stags and Hens by Willy Russell. Cut to the strains of David Bowie’s classic ‘Modern Love’ it depicts the titular stags and hens engaging with the bathroom mirrors of the same nightclub they inhabit. And as you’ll see they engage with them in completely different ways.

We shot this trailer on the 21st June and it was one of the most fun shoots I’ve ever been part of. We had a blast getting into our costumes and just letting fly in front of the camera. From concept to blocking, we at Devious Theatre developed the entire trailer along the way getting the assistance of Alan Slattery of Mycrofilms in Kilkenny, who shot and edited the trailer under the direction of Kevin Mooney, the man at the helm of the production. We’ve wanted to shoot a trailer for a Devious Theatre production for years and this was our first shot at it. Considering the buzz it’s after generating and the feedback we’ve all been receiving, it’s something we’ll definitely try out again.

Tickets for the show are on sale and available by calling in person to the Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny or by phoning 056-7761674. For group bookings (six and over), please contact ourselves at The Devious Theatre Company by clicking here.

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