July 21, 2012 • devious theatre

Night Of The Living Dead – The Prologue

Philip Brennan and Connie Walsh as Babs and Johnny.

In preparation for this coming weeks stage debut of Night Of The Living Dead we’ve just released a prologue for the play based on the opening scene of the movie.

The famous kick off to George A. Romero’s 1968 original, is the big omission for the stage adaptation by Connie Walsh and myself. The scene involves protagonist Barbara and her brother Johnny visiting their father’s grave on the day when the dead begin to walk. And it’s got the famous ‘They’re coming to get you, Barbara!’ line. When we decided we weren’t going to represent it on stage, we figured the best way to do it would be to make a shot for shot short movie based on it and release it as a prologue that would lead into the events of the play. So, here it is!

Myself and Connie wrote it and Devious Theatre produced it in conjunction with Mycrofilms. I did the directing (pretty much stole Romero’s shot list) with Richie Cody lining up all the shots. Connie played her role as Babs in the play with Philip Brennan playing the role of Johnny.

Bulls aren’t the only things they need to watch out for.

The idea is that if you’re going to see the play, this will give you a nice intro into the world of it. If you’re not going to see the play, maybe this can persuade you to go!

Photos by Ross Costigan.