April 10, 2013 • mycrofilms


I’m currently gearing up for production on the new short film from Mycrofilms, a crime comedy called Swerve. Although having written it, most of my work should be done but no, I’ll be using both my producing and my acting too. It’s basically a whole lot of scheduling and making sure there are sufficient tea and biscuits on set and then learning my lines. Handy out.

I’ll be playing a character called The Mastermind. It’s equally handy out because I wrote him. This means that I’ll take for granted learning the lines. Which is not handy out. That being said, the film crams 32 characters into 17 action packed pages so I’m far from front and centre on this one. Ross Costigan is directing and he’s assembled a fine cast to play those 32 character, some of whom have been revealed and some of whom will be soon (As of this morning, the cast has been finalised). We’ve just released a teaser poster for the film which sums up the central mystery of the film: what’s in the bag? We’ve also just released a synopsis for the film which goes something like this:

Swerve is about a deadly game where it’s every man for himself as a group of ambitious criminals do battle for a mysterious bag.

This game has been going on for as long as anyone in the criminal underworld can remember. If you play, you play to win. If you lose, you die.

The rules:

1. No girls allowed.

After that, all bets are off.

If you want to keep tabs on the production, hook up with our brand new Facebook page here.