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May 25, 2015 • mycrofilms

Daffney Molloy And Other Catastrophes – Poster


This is the first poster for my second short film (this was the first). We’re putting the final touches to it at the moment and hoping to premiere it at some point of 2015.

The film is a comedy set in present day Kilkenny about four friends who drown their sorrows while trading stories about a near mythical girl from their past. I was very lucky to work with a sterling cast on this including Eddie Murphy, Aoife Spratt, Amy Dunne, Niall Morrissey, Jack O’Leary, Leah Egan, Lynsey Moran, Peter McGann, Aoibhín Murphy, Alexandra Christle, Molly O’Byrne and Paddy O’Leary.

Trailer will follow…

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February 13, 2015 • short film

Hot Water Bottle

My first short film Hot Water Bottle has just gone online.

Produced by Mycrofilms, it was shot in Kilkenny from summer 2010 into the spring of 2011 and premiered at the 2012 Cork Film Festival. After its festival runaround, I’m finally getting around to putting it online.

hotwaterbottleI was fairly into the idea of mumblecore movies (so cheap!) at the time and Richard Linklater makes movies where people just talk seem so easy, but yeah, it’s a fairly loose quartet of scenes centred around a break up that doesn’t go according to plan. The film stars Suzanne O’Brien, David Thompson, Simone Kelly and Peter McGann. Have a looksee.

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September 15, 2014 • Theatre, Uncategorized

A Cult For You

10623492_10152903087728676_8553289367359675772_oJohn Doran’s one man show The Centre Of The Universe which I directed is currently going great guns at this years Tiger Dublin Fringe. It’s one of this years Show In A Bag offerings and has garnered a couple of nice reviews since it opened, check them out here and here.

10631052_10152900136648676_796277500093288867_oIt’s running until this Saturday night so check it out if you want to see a masterclass of physical comedy from a seriously talented performer. You can book tickets here.

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May 29, 2014 • short film

The Flatpack Effect


Here’s a new sketch I did some acting in for LAD Productions.

It’s called The Flatpack Effect and chronicles one man’s breakdown at the hands of efficient Swedish furniture. I had to do very little acting for this as I don’t know the first thing about putting a table together. In all likelihood, if I had to, I’d probably lose my shit. It’s written by Dale Longmore and John Quinn and directed by Dale Longmore. Have a looksee!

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April 17, 2014 • mycrofilms

Daffney Molloy And Other Catastrophes


Here’s the first few pictures from my new short film Daffney Molloy And Other Catastrophes. It’s currently in both post and pre-production with Mycrofilms. It’s a story about stories so we’ve got the story part filmed, stories yet to be filmed. The synopsis for the film is thus:

A comedy set in present day Kilkenny, it tells the story of four catastrophes of men who, whilst drowning their sorrows at a housewarming party, get caught up in stories about a near mythical girl from their past. Apart from one of them. Crippled with social anxiety and struggling with his newly found sobriety, Tommy has no idea who Daffney Molloy is. As the yarns are spun, he begins to question how much of what he’s hearing is reality and how much of it is fantasy.

It’s adapted from my play Smitten which Devious Theatre produced a couple of times. Why I’ve gone for a longer title for the short is beyond me but shur, look. I’m very lucky to have a great cast on this one including Eddie Murphy, Jack O’Leary, Niall Morrissey, Peter McGann, Aoife Spratt, Amy Dunne, Lynsey Moran, Leah Egan, Alexandra Christle, Paddy O’Leary and Aoibhín Murphy. It’s produced by Alan Slattery and shot by Ross Costigan with a great crew on board. As was the case with the play itself, it’s nice to make something that’s set in Kilkenny and about the relationship between the place and the people who live in it. Got a good chunk of work still to do so we’ll be premiering it in 2015.

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April 16, 2014 • mycrofilms

The Baddest Bunch

SwervePoster_TeddyBoy_ForWeb SwervePoster_TheGent_ForWeb SwervePoster_Vaughan_ForWeb

Here’s the first character posters for a short crime movie I wrote. It’s called Swerve and it’s essentially like Streets Of Rage but myriad twists, turns and chunks of violence. And humour. And a bit with a dog.

We filmed it last year and we’re hoping to premiere it at the end of this year. The first batch of character posters come from the director himself, Ross Costigan. These are the trio of lead characters: Teddy Boy, The Gent and Vaughan. Of a bad bunch, these are probably the worst.

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February 4, 2014 • mycrofilms, smitten

Catastrophe #1


It feels great to finally make something you’ve been writing forever. Delighted to be working with a team of absolute toppers the past couple of days.

A good chunk of my second short film is wrapped and I’m looking forward to shooting some more. Not talking anything up too much yet as it’s all a long ways from being finished but is where everything will be at.

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January 23, 2014 • devious theatre

Some Flood Rising


The new show from Devious Theatre is John Doran and Kevin Mooney’s apocalyptic new comedy Some Flood.

We’ve just announced it for a work in progress showing at Quarter in Cork on February 1st. It will then be up on its feet for two performances at Collaborations in Smock Alley Theatre on March 5th and 7th. Then we’re heading down to home turf at Cleeres Theatre in Kilkenny for a run from March 11th – 15th.

The show is a darkly comic survival tale about Noah, the last man left in Ireland after a biblical flood wipes out the whole country. It’s looking dangerously topical right now and once people aren’t sick to death of shite weather, hopefully they’ll come see it. The show is going to be performed by Kevin Mooney and Eddie Murphy and directed by John Doran. I’m on producing duties for this one and I’m fierce excited to see Devious Theatre getting more original work by new writers onto the stage.

This teaser poster was designed by Kasia Kaminska and Ken McGuire and they have a main poster a brewing on the horizon which I’m very excited about.

For more on the show, including tickets, head over and check out

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January 5, 2014 • short film

The Worst Things About Working In An Office


A short sketch I did a bit of acting on for LAD Productions and written by Dale Longmore and John Quinn has just gone online. It’s spreading like wildfire around the web right now. Probably because there’s a lot of bad things about working in an office.

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December 4, 2013 • Theatre



Fishes is a brilliant new piece of writing from David Fennelly and it’s got its proper opening tonight in Smock Alley Theatre.

I’m directing this one which flies in the face of me always promising to never direct theatre again but after this, I promise to never direct theatre again. Unless I get asked to direct a really brilliant, inventive, funny and sweet piece of writing with two brilliant actors. Which is exactly what happened here and sometimes I have no will power. Fishes is about a man called Larry who has just lost his job, his girl and is overdoing it on the visits to Coppers. He’s about to have a home visit from his social welfare inspector. And that’s when all his fears and anxieties begin to boil over…

The cast are David Fennelly himself and the ever amazing John Doran so come see these two blow the walls off Smock Alley Boys School for 65 minutes with two cracking performances. It opens proper tonight and runs until December 11th. For tickets and all other info, visit the Smock Alley website.

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