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January 26, 2016 • mycrofilms



Smitten has hit the RTÉ Player as part of the line up for Storyland 2016.

We went to the launch on Monday which was good craic. The other pilots look great so I’m looking forward to catching them. Here’s a picture of us trying not to look uncomfortable for press photos.


It’s been great to get the episode out there and I’m very humbled and heartened by the support. I wouldn’t have gotten to do this without such a powerhouse cast (Aoife Spratt, Clare Monnelly, David Thompson, Jack O’Leary, Amy Dunne, Pete McGann, Leah Egan and Gus McDonagh) and crew (too many toppers to mention but an extra special thanks to Ruth Carter for producing the hell out of this) and the support of everyone in Kilkenny which, in case you haven’t heard, is a pretty fucking great place.


And thanks so much to everyone who supported the various theatrical runs of Smitten, the short film version, the pop up book etc, over the years. It was great to make something for RTÉ about the hometown and even if it goes nowhere else, it’s nice to have had this opportunity. I don’t know if we’ll get to make other episodes for the rest of the characters but I guess the more people who like it and watch it, it’ll do the series prospects no harm. So if you do watch it and like it, please spread the good word. Thanks again.

Here’s some more words I wrote about the long pregnancy of Smitten.

You can watch Smitten right here.

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November 19, 2014 • film production


Daguerreotype (Promo) from Imogen Murphy on Vimeo.

Here’s a wee promo from a show I’ve been developing for a while. It’s called Daguerreotype and it’s a dark comedy about post mortem photography in late 19th century Ireland.

The synopsis goes:

“Ireland 1880’s. Ireland’s most successful post mortem photographer and his assistant secure their most lucrative job yet in a quiet midlands village. As their appointments grow and their stay stretches, they begin to suspect they are documenting something more sinister than they could ever have imagined.”

10496962_759965234042364_7688667939200449844_oThis promo was directed by Imogen Murphy and produced by Claire Gormley. It stars the talented trio of David McSavage, Emmet Kirwan and Aoibhínn McGinnity. Whether we get to turn it into a full series, who knows? It’s a crazy business, this telling costly stories lark.

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March 20, 2011 • Uncategorized

Wild Harvest

This week I’m going to be using my acting in Wild Harvest by Ken Bourke.

The play was first produced in 1989 by Druid and now 20 years later its themes of emigration, unemployment and helplessness are very apt all over again. The play is being staged by Watergate Productions who are pretty much the theatrical establishment of Kilkenny and it’s a real honour to be asked to take part in one of their productions. That’s another one ticked off the list for me.

The play is directed by Ger Cody who has also retained the plays 1980’s setting. So yeah, we are up to our balls in denim.

It plays in the Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny from March 22nd – 26th at 8pm. Tickets can be booked 056 – 7761674. The above photo is taken by Ross Costigan.

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