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June 20, 2017 • music video

Trouble by Cat Dowling

I’m acting as a right ne’er do well in the new music video from Cat Dowling for her new single Trouble. It’s a grim Ra caper up the Wicklow mountains and the shoot was easily on a par with The Revenant. I assume. Anyway, it’s yet another cracking music video from Fergal Costello and a brilliant tune to boot.

Check it out here:


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June 15, 2014 • film production

Writer Vs Tree


Here’s the first clip of a new short film I did some work on earlier this year.

It’s called Tobias and The Tree and it’s written and directed by the very talented Fergal Costello. It’s described as: The strange tale about a man, and the tree that wants him dead.

I play the lead character Tobias, a writer who travels to a remote country getaway to write his new novel but ends up in a deadly feud with, yes, a tree. It’s a really sweet comedy/horror hybrid and it was probably the best fun I’ve had making a film. Definitely the best fun I’ve had going one on one with a tree anyway.

Here’s the first clip from it:

Tobias and The Tree Clip – “Knock Knock” from Fergal Costello on Vimeo.

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October 29, 2013 • short film


Zenith One Sheet

Here’s the teaser one sheet poster for Zenith, a new short Irish sci-fi I recently wrapped shooting. I’ll be honest, I was pretty excited to get to play an astronaut. I had my own spacesuit and everything. The film is written and directed by the very talented Fergal Costello. This poster was designed by the equally talented D.O.P. Federico Rea. There’s a trailer coming soon I do believe.

For more on the film visit their Facebook page.

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