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The Pinkertons Are Coming…

We’ve just launched the trailer for the penultimate episode of Vultures ‘Attack Of The Pinkertons’.

We’ve kept up the idea of using the trailers to bridge the gaps (and there have been long, long gaps) between episodes. But this one is kinda short and sweet. Which after the last few talk heavy trailers is a nice change. Although the Dragnet thing is very overdone at this stage, it was something we really wanted to indulge ourselves with. So here it is!

‘Attack Of The Pinkertons’ is just abouts finished and we’re still beavering away on its sister episode ‘The Long Goodbye’ which will be taking a bow 2 weeks later on October 4th. And that’ll be us done. But instead of me going on about it, here’s the synopsis from the website:

“Entitled Attack Of The Pinkertons, the episode sees the newly unemployed gentlemen detectives of V.P.I. reacting badly to the Pinkertons opening for business. Unemployed and underground (well, in Tennyson’s house), Vultour and McGrain are intent on eluding the clutches of their old friend Natalie Blaise. Tennyson however is looking for a peaceable resolution, no doubt with a strong mug of scald and a chat involved. However, Natalie Blaise doesn’t seem to be open to dialogue. The Pinkertons are making their presence felt. And people are getting hurt. Can V.P.I. regroup and fight back? Will Natalie Blaise emerge from the shadows to explain herself in a long winded villainous fashion? Or is she merely just misunderstood? And what will Tennyson do to fill in the unemployed hours?

All these questions and more will be answered when the action packed denouement of the Vultures series goes online on the 20th of September.

All will be finally resolved two weeks later when our final instalment The Long Goodbye brings the series to a close on October 4th.”

This episode is probably the one we’re least complainy about. The first couple of episodes have suffered from all pratfalls associated with doing something as a part time project but with the last 3 episodes we’ve had a chance to refine it and get closer to what we want to achieve.

We’ll be ramping up the promo campaign for the two final Vultures episodes in the coming weeks. Ideally, we’d have Pinkertons attacking people on the street but we’re not too sure what the legalities of that just yet.

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Von Bizmark ‘London’

Over at Mycrofilms, we’ve just produced the first video for Kilkenny rockers Von Bizmark. It’s for their ‘London’ single which is currently sale in Tower Records and Heartbeat City outlets around the country.

This was my first time getting to cut my teeth on a music video. I learnt a lot of lessons. For example, it’s hard to get those women in silver hotpants to show up for any old video. And always keep the camera with you on sunny days. Always.

Without the hotpants and car washing scene, we just had to settle for the boys in Von Bizmark rocking out. Another fine editing job from Mr. Alan Slattery. And thanks to the Von Bizmark lads for working up a real sweat.

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