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October 29, 2013 • short film


Zenith One Sheet

Here’s the teaser one sheet poster for Zenith, a new short Irish sci-fi I recently wrapped shooting. I’ll be honest, I was pretty excited to get to play an astronaut. I had my own spacesuit and everything. The film is written and directed by the very talented Fergal Costello. This poster was designed by the equally talented D.O.P. Federico Rea. There’s a trailer coming soon I do believe.

For more on the film visit their Facebook page.

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Hot Water Bottle

This is the poster for a film I made called Hot Water Bottle.

It was designed by Paddy Dunne, one of the producers on the film. The other producer is Alan Slattery. The three of us also made the webcom Vultures.

It’s the first non Vultures creative project that Mycrofilms have undertaken. The second is Baby Love by Terrence White which is out later this year. Two more short films will go into production for 2012 and they’re probably going to be even better because that’s how these things roll.

We got the funding to shoot Hot Water Bottle in 2009. We started shooting it in 2010. We finished shooting it in 2011. There will be a trailer for it sometime very, very soon. The film itself is currently being sent out to a variety of festivals who may or may not want to show it to people.

I will write more about it in proportion to the amount of content I have to show off.

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Attic is a film written by David Galster and directed by Peter O’Connor. These two guys have a bucket load of talent and potential between them and it was a real honour to be asked to be in their film. And the end result is just lovely. It’s the latest short film to be released by Young Irish Film Makers. Ross Costigan, David Thompson and myself play three bored wastrels who hang out in, well, an attic. Have a gander:

Attic (2009) from Young Irish Film Makers on Vimeo.

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