September 29, 2008 • Uncategorized

Meet Jack Street and Sarah Black

We’ve got more updates on the VULTURES front. Little by little and bit by bit,we’re updating the website and this usually means getting through the backlog of material we’ve built up over the past year or so.

After introducing the new characters for Episode 3, we’re now re-introducing the characters from the first two episodes. So, from Episode 1 ‘The Kris Kringle Konundrum‘….


The spiky, snitchy street informant cum pimp wants nothing more than to be legit but it’s just his nature to be the dodgiest scumbag ever to open an advent calendar. His profile and pics have been added to the website so check him out at http://www.vulturespi.com/Episode_1.html


Jim Vultour’s ex is a downtrodden, usually mild mannered tour guide with a fine line in oversized jumpers and oversized glasses. So at least she had something in common with Vultour. You can also read more about her at http://www.vulturespi.com/Episode_1.html

Episode 2 ‘The Scarlet Lady Vanishes’ had a screening at Podcamp Ireland (http://www.podcampireland.com/) on Saturday. It seemed to go pretty well but Christ, I really hate public speaking. It’s a completely different situation than having to pre-learn lines… I’m totally fucked if I ever need to make a wedding speech.