December 30, 2008 • Uncategorized

Meet The Detectives…

A series of splendidly designed and expertly photographed profiles for the main detectives of Vultures have just gone online. And about time as well. We’ve spent the past few months updating all the supporting character profiles, accidentally neglecting the shit out of our central characters in the process. They’ve kept the same dull, drab pages we’d initially flung up for them in 2007. Well, no more!

Ross took a great bunch of photos in front of our lovely office and Paddy went off and used his expert Photoshopping on them. So here they are. The gentlemen detectives of V.P.I finally in full technicolour glory:

DAN MCGRAIN (David Thompson)

Meet this well groomed, moustachioed, lady fearing, wooly hatted, most gentlemanly of detectives at http://www.vulturespi.com/McGrain.html

JIM VULTOUR (This is me with glasses on my face)

Meet this confused, mumbling, scruffy, dazed, chain smoking, clouded up deductive mind at http://www.vulturespi.com/Vultour.html


Meet this polite, dog loving, well fragranced, accident prone, most professional of investigators at http://www.vulturespi.com/Tennyson.html

There’s good reading in them. They might have caused us a shitload of problems with retroactive continuity but damn it, there’s good reading.