October 6, 2023 • Film

The Hurler

Tony Kelly’s new comedy feature film The Hurler is currently doing the rounds in cinemas nationwide. I play the character of Allan, a keen hurler who just so happens to be on Ireland’s worst hurling team. I had a blast shooting this in and around Waterford last year. It’s produced by Lovely Hurling Productions and Dicemen Productions.

When Ireland’s most notorious hurling star becomes the first player in history to fail a test for performance enhancing drugs he agrees to some charity work in order to rebuild his shattered reputation, coaching Ireland’s worst team.

The cast includes Tony Kelly, Elva Trill, Jon Kenny, David McSavage, Sophie Vavasseur, Karl Spain, Stephen Ryan, Shane O’Keeffe, Michael Power, Eddie Jackson & Marty Morrissey. Yes, that Marty Morrissey.