September 18, 2008 • Uncategorized

Vultures Episode 3 is go go go!

We’ve been filming the latest episode of our web sitcom VULTURES, in and around Kilkenny City the past cupla weeks and we’re due to wind it all down this weekend.

All that’s left is the office exterior scenes and we’ve procured a lovely interior at No. 42 Parliament Street, Kilkenny, thank you very much indeed. Kilkenny has many lovely old school building fronts and we’ve long had our beady little detectiving eyes on one of the Parliament Street or Patrick Street ones so we’ve come up trumps, yes siree!

I’m very much looking forward to sitting down in the office with Mr. Alan Slattery and getting stuck into the edit of Episode 3. We’re quietly confident that every episode is getting better and better so we’re hoping this one is going to make the first 2 real embarrassed and start crying.

www.vulturespi.com has been extensively updated so please do check it out for all the episodes and trailers and assorted bits and pieces from so far in the project.

One of my favourite things every episode is introducing new characters. We try and make them as heightened and stylised as is possible. It really helps to expand the world of the show and we’re confident that we’ve got 2 cracking new characters that people are going to love. Please meet them:


Savage is the trash talking, cigar chomping litter warden intent on cleaning the scum off the streets. Check out his character profile and more pics at http://www.vulturespi.com/Episode_3.html


McLoughlin is a hen night loving rogue. He spends all his money on fat frogs and middle aged women. He’s also supposed to be V.P.I’s lawyer. Check out his character profile and more pics at http://www.vulturespi.com/Episode_3.html

VULTURES EPISODE 3: ‘The Mystery Of The Night Time Refuse’ is scheduled to premiere online in October. Keep a private eye on www.vulturespi.com.

All photos here were taking by a delightful fellow called Ross Costigan. Check out his website at www.oss237.com