February 18, 2013 • Uncategorized

What’s In The Bag?

I’ve been writing a short film called Swerve which will be directed by Ross Costigan for Mycrofilms later this year.

Ross and myself have been working on it for quite a while now and we’re currently prepping to bring it in front of the cameras this April. And to mark the commencement of pre-production, Ross took some nice photos of the film’s three leads who he has just revealed over on his blog. The trio of fine upstanding thesps who will be engaging in some springtime ultra violence are David Thompson (The Gent), Eddie Murphy (Teddy Boy) and John Doran (Vaughan). If you think they look mean and moody here, they’re only wearing their own clothes so wait until we get them into the actual costumes.

The story is about a swarm of competing criminals trying to track down a mysterious bag. It will hopefully be a very dark, violent and funny short. Our ‘what if’ for Swerve is if the video game Streets Of Rage was adapted into a short movie written by Martin McDonagh and directed by Robert Rodriguez. That’s doing myself and Ross an awful amount of favours though but fuck it, no harm in aiming high! If we can make something that’s even half as insane as that sounds, then we’re doing alright. We’ve a great crew on board and Ross is currently assembling a seriously stacked thirty strong cast of characters.

Swerve is the third short film from Mycrofilms and keeps our genre hopping escapades intact following on from romantic comedy Hot Water Bottle and family drama Baby Love, both of which premiered in 2012. Swerve is going to be our biggest, baddest and bloodiest yet. I’ll keep the updates coming in the run up to the shoot and if you like, you can read them.